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What is exactly a training contract? | HR Consultancy Services

What is exactly a training contract? | HR Consultancy Services

What is exactly a training contract? | HR Consultancy Services

The training contract (HR Consultancy Services) may be concluded with trainees who are in possession of a university degree or vocational training Intermediate or Superior, or officially recognized as equivalent qualifications.

This contract will have a trial period of one month for workers who have concluded with a title of medium degree or professional certificate level 1 or 2, and 2 months for workers with a college degree or professional certificate level 3.

It is one of the most beneficial contracts because:

  • If the contract is held with less than 30 years (or under 35 with a degree of disability equal or superior to 33%) may be applied a reduction of the employer’s contribution for common contingencies of 50% throughout the term of the contract . If there is a worker performing labor practices the bonus will be 75%. And if the worker is enrolled in the National System of Youth Guarantee the bonus will be 100%.
  • In terms of pay, the law allows the employee to pay 60% of the salary established in the collective agreement for the first year and during the second year 75%.

Consider the following example: If you subscribe to an administrative and salary for their professional group is 1,000 euros by 12 monthly payments, you can pay 7,200 euros per year for the first year and 9,000 per year during the second year. Instead of the 12,000 euros a year. Which will produce a saving of 4,800 per year during the first year and $ 3,000 per year for the second year.

  • As for the duration of the training contract, it can make a full or part time. It has a minimum duration of 6 months and maximum of 2 years. If hiring is done for less than two years time, they may agree to 2 extensions of 6 months minimum (respecting the total duration of the two years of the contract).
  • Another advantage highlight of the contract is not to finalize any compensation payable unlike what happens with other temporary contracts.
  • Finally, if the contract becomes indefinite practices, a bonus of 500 euros per year is obtained for 3 years if the contract is made to a man or 700 per year if the contract is for a woman.

Therefore, the signing of this training contract is beneficial; as you can pay the employee a lower salary, you have reductions in contributions and also to completion must not pay compensation for termination of temporary contracts.