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Contracts for training and learning in Spain

Contracts for training and learning in Spain

formación y aprendizaje

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1. What is the training contract?

The Contract for Training and Learning aims at professional qualification of the working people in a regime of alternating paid work activity in a company, received training activity under the vocational training system of education.

2. What are the requirements to benefit from training contracts?


  • They must be over 16 and under 30 years.
  • They must lack the professional qualification recognized by the vocational training system or the education system required to arrange an internship.
  • Have an obligation to provide effective work.
  • They must effectively participate in related training activities.


  • Must simultaneously subscribe to the contract terms with the training center to impart training.
  • Is required to provide effective work related to the professional profile of vocational qualification or professional certificate.
  • It must guarantee the conditions that allow the worker to its assistance to certain training programs in the training activity according to the annex to the contract.
  • No may impose a probationary period to exceed two months worker.

3. How is the effective working time and compensation established?


  • It must be compatible with the time devoted to training activities.
  • It can not exceed 75% during the first year or 85% in the second and third years of the maximum working day established in the collective agreement or, failing that, to the maximum legal workday.


  • The remuneration is to be fixed in proportion to the actual working time, in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement.
  • In any case, such compensation may be below the minimum wage in proportion to the actual working time..

4. What is the duration of the Contract Training?

  • The Minimum contract period is one year and the maximum is three years.

5. What is the role of Social Security in training contracts?

  • The protective action of the Social Security worker hired for the training covers all contingencies ,so he is protected in all situations and benefits, including unemployment.
  • Companies that enter into contracts for training and learning are entitled throughout the term of the contract, including extensions, to a reduction in employer Social Security contributions for common contingencies, as well as those for occupational accidents and occupational diseases, unemployment, FOGASA and vocational training.
  • Companies that upon completion of its initial term or extended contracts to transform education and learning in permanent contracts are entitled to a reduction in the employer’s contribution to Social Security for three years from:
    • 1,500 euros / year for men
    • 1,800 euros / year for women

6. What are the advantages for the company and for the worker Training Contract?


  • Savings 100% of Social Security if the requirements are met.
  • Savings of 100% of the bonus cost of theoretical training.
  • Bonus for three years, 1,500 euros (for men) or 1,800 euros (for women) per year if the training contract becomes indefinite.
  • No limits on the number of hires. For every three training contracts should have a tutor in the company.


  • The worker shall receive full unemployment benefit and social security coverage.
  • The theoretical training will be subsidized 100%. On completion, the student may request the issuance of a Certificate of Competence.