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Financial Area

Financial Area

The professional team at QualityConta has more than 30 years of experience providing financial advisory services to companies and foundations, of all sizes and with all types of needs.

Our experts have extensive experience working in corporate finance in various sectors. Our financial advisory services department will conduct an in-depth study of the current situation, with the goal of determining the Company's strengths and weaknesses.

We will also help you determine the most appropriate capital structure for the company to apply for the necessary financing.

Specifically, QualityConta offers the following services within the framework of financial advisory services:

  • Initial financial analysis.

  • Preparation of an economic and financial plan to improve the company's viability

  • Monitoring and control of the company's budget

  • Monitoring and control of the cash position

  • Analysis of balances and accounts

  • Preparation and monitoring of the scorecard

  • Preparation of business plans and viability studies

  • Collaboration with various lending institutions to negotiate and attempt to obtain the liquidity your company needs with the financial instruments that best suit the nature of your business